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International Women’s Day: celebrating female craftsmakers

As we approach International Women's Day, let's take a moment to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of women in the world of woodwork. Carpentry, including furniture restoration, has seen a significant rise in talented women who are leaving their mark on this traditionally male-dominated industry. I thought it was quite fitting to take a look at a few influential women who have changed the field of woodwork. Let’s explore. 

  1. Sarah Marriage: Sarah makes fine furniture and other wooden objects. She founded "A Workshop of Our Own", a space where female furniture makers can connect in a supportive environment. Sarah not only crafts beautiful wooden pieces but also champions the idea of providing women with a dedicated space to explore and hone their woodworking skills. 

  2. Eleanor Lakelin: Eleanor is committed to sustainable practices. She only works with trees grown in Britain that have been felled due to decay, creating something beautiful from materials that might otherwise go to waste. Eleanor's dedication to sustainability and her belief in the storytelling power of wood really sets her apart in the field. 

  3. Laura Mays: Laura is an accomplished woodworker, passionate about sustainability, and an advocate for keeping the skill of craft alive. As well as producing her own pieces, she teaches woodworking skills, emphasising the importance of hands-on learning and an individual’s connection with their craft. Laura's commitment to education is crucial in promoting the skill behind woodworking. 

I find it so inspiring to see individuals, particularly women, bringing new perspectives and values to the industry. Let's look forward to a future where every craftsperson, regardless of gender, race, or age, is celebrated for their talents and perspectives.  

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