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Earth Day: what makes the Best Sustainable Business?

As Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, we reflect on our responsibility towards preserving our planet. This year, as we celebrate Earth Day, I'd like to delve into the environmental impact of The Furniture Narrative. 

On 20th March 2024, I was delighted to be awarded as Best Sustainable Business at the Women's Enterprise Awards. Sustainability is the driving force behind every decision I make, and it was one of the primary reasons behind starting the business – so I’m proud to be recognised as a leader in championing sustainable practices and promoting conscious consumerism. 

In launching The Furniture Narrative over two years ago, I started a journey that would spark shifts in societal attitudes towards sustainability and would be marked by significant environmental contributions - rescuing over 100 pieces of furniture from landfill, repairing and sustainably refurbishing. Each piece tells a unique story as I meticulously repair and refurbish them before finding them new homes. As the founder, I’ve personally collaborated with over 40 clients who commissioned the restoration of their cherished items, building a rich and diverse portfolio that exhibits the sentimental value in each piece. 

The staggering statistics surrounding furniture waste in the UK alone - 22 million pieces discarded annually, amounting to 670,000 tonnes* - emphasises the urgency of my mission. The Furniture Narrative is driven by a commitment to challenge throwaway culture and promote a more sustainable way of living. In pursuit of this goal, I opt for low-VOC, non-toxic products and employ eco-friendly practices, such as choosing cotton drop sheets to minimise plastic waste. Every decision, from avoiding single-use items to repurposing materials, is a deliberate step towards reducing environmental footprint. 

Beyond my core operation of refurbishing furniture, The Furniture Narrative actively engages with the community to champion sustainability. Volunteering with the Southfields Mend, Fix & Repair Cafe, I offer expert advice in furniture repair and restoration, helping residents to prolong the lifespan of their belongings and mitigate waste. Through my own blog, I aim to spark conversations and raise awareness about sustainability (love my content? Subscribe to my free monthly newsletter here).

I founded a creative business, but it’s more than that – it's a vehicle for positive change. The Furniture Narrative helps to reduce furniture waste, promotes creativity within the community, and inspires a shift from throwaway culture towards a more conscious and sustainable way of living. 

*North London Waste Authority, 2018 

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