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Charity involvement

Even before establishing The Furniture Narrative, my passion for supporting charities has been a long-standing part of my life. Now, with the creation of my business, I am fortunate to have a platform to do even more good. I am deeply committed to giving back and using The Furniture Narrative as a means to make a positive impact. On this page, you can discover the various ways I contribute to charitable causes and the meaningful initiatives I support.

Donating pieces

If one of my refurbished pieces hasn't found its forever home after a specified period, I believe it deserves a chance to bring joy elsewhere. I’ll donate such pieces to my local furniture charity shop, where they can find new homes and be loved again. 

Donating profits

During special awareness days, weeks, or months, I often contribute a portion or the entirety of profits to relevant charities. For instance, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ll choose to donate profits to Breast Cancer Research. Follow me on Instagram to stay in the loop with similar campaigns, and let’s make a difference together. 

Buying from charity

To further extend my support, I make conscious choices when sourcing my projects. Some of my pieces come from local furniture charity shops, where the purchase directly aids the charity's vital work. 

Volunteering time

Giving back goes beyond monetary contributions. I actively volunteer my time and skills to local non-profit initiatives like Southfields Mend, Fix & Repair Cafe, my local sustainability-focused repair cafe. It’s fulfilling to be part of, and contribute to, a community that cares for the environment and promotes sustainable practices. 

Seeking new ways to support

I’m on the lookout for fresh avenues to make a positive impact. I’m particularly interested in partnering with charities that provide furniture to those in need, where repairs or a quick makeover can breathe new life into these essential items. If you know of a charity that aligns with this vision, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can create a meaningful difference and bring smiles to those who need it most. 

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