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About The Furniture Narrative

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The Furniture Narrative was thrilled to win Best Sustainable Business at the 2024 Women’s Enterprise Awards, recognised for dedicated efforts in promoting sustainable practices, fighting furniture waste, and supporting the local community through voluntary work.

What can you expect?

The Furniture Narrative is an award-winning refurbisher selling sustainably refinished furniture and offering bespoke refurbishing services, reducing furniture waste, and giving you the option to shop high quality items at a fraction of the high-street cost.

Using premium-grade specialist paints boasting exceptional quality, completed pieces have a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

Dirty Paintbrushes

What's behind the brand?

The Furniture Narrative is about the stories and memories behind our furniture. 

We tend to throw out furniture when it's a bit tired or no longer fits the décor. It's time to think about our furniture differently; think about a dining table and chairs - they've allowed us to have meaningful conversations with the people we love.

What if we can preserve those memories, but recreate that piece as something that we can love again, redesign it to complement the people we are today, to fit the spaces we live in. Or, take a piece that's provided a purpose for someone, and recreate it, so it can be reused and repurposed for someone else. That's the story behind The Furniture Narrative. 

About me

Hello, I'm Emily! I founded The Furniture Narrative in 2021, after discovering my passion for sustainable living. I cater to each job’s specific needs, professionally upcycling furniture with care, whilst providing unrivalled customer service. When I'm not meticulously working on a project, I volunteer my time to a non-profit organisation, which I find both humbling and rewarding.

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