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Embracing Authenticity: Why I Use 'I' Instead of 'We'


Have you ever wondered why I use the singular pronoun 'I' instead of the plural pronoun 'we', when writing about The Furniture Narrative? In this blog post, I want to shed light on this decision and share why staying true to myself as a sole trader is at the heart of my business philosophy.

I founded my business, The Furniture Narrative, in 2021, offering unique, personal and bespoke furniture refurbishment services.

I am a sole trader; a one-woman band; just me, myself, and I.

When you choose The Furniture Narrative, you gain direct access to my expertise and undivided attention. I love to meet my clients personally, understand your vision, and ensure that your requirements are met to the highest standard. No intermediaries, no confusion - it's a one-on-one collaboration between you and me.

Marketing professionals have tried to persuade me to use the plural pronoun 'we' when writing about The Furniture Narrative because it sounds more professional, but I have consciously chosen to stick with 'I'. Why? Because authenticity is my core value. The truth is, there is no 'we' in The Furniture Narrative - there's only me. I believe it's important to maintain transparency and honesty with my clients. By using 'I', I accurately reflect the reality of my business and the individualised attention that sets me apart.

So, when you entrust your furniture refurbishment needs to The Furniture Narrative, you're guaranteed a cohesive and personal experience from start to finish. With me as your sole point of contact, you'll receive unrivalled customer service, a stress-free journey, and ultimately, furniture that tells your unique story.

I look forward to meeting you and embarking on your furniture refurbishment journey together. Feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss your project or ask any questions you may have.

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